IQUISPIN Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy (hereinafter "this Policy") was devised so that the User understands the type of information acquired, the use of this information and the purpose of this use, the methods used by Vecnos Inc (hereinafter "this Company") for handling Personal Information, etc. in "IQUISPIN" (hereinafter "this Service"), a service provided by this Company, and the related website managed by this Company ("this Website").

1. Management of Personal Information

  • This Company recognizes that protecting the information of all people who supply Personal Information to this Company (hereinafter "the Principal") is an important duty of this Company as an enterprise that handles personal information. This Company works to protect Personal Information.
  • This Company implements appropriate safety management measures according to laws and regulations, guidelines and the internal regulations of this Company to prevent leaking, loss, destruction, etc. of Personal Information, and works to protect Personal Information retained by this Company. This Company also trains its employees on appropriate handling of Personal Information, etc. and works to fully ensure the protection of this information.

2. Acquisition and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

  • This Company may acquire Personal Information from Users for the provision of this Service.
  • This Company acquires Personal Information by appropriate means based on a law-abiding mentality. If this Company intends to acquire Personal Information and the Principal will provide the information directly on paper or via the Web, this Company will explicitly disclose the purpose of use of this Personal Information. However, explicit disclosure of the purpose of use may be omitted if the purpose of use is clear from the situation in which the information is provided.
  • This Company will use Personal Information within the necessary scope for the purposes stated below.
    <List of Types of Acquired Information and Purposes of Use>
    • Types of Acquired information
      • Customer profile information
        • username, date of birth, e-mail, phone number and other information users register on this Service
        • information, images, and movies user make public in profile of this Service
        • The account information, and the public information registered in the Internet services designated by this Company
      • Technical information
        • IP address, carrier information, Time zone, version of application
        • Device information such as model number, hardware and software information, types of network, device identification number, display resolution, operating system, and language setting
        • Location information
    • Purposes of Use
      • Provide this Service
      • Display contents optimized based upon users and the devices of users
      • Improve, promote, develop this Service
      • Data analysis and testing to ensure the stability and security of the platform of this Service
      • Research of usage for planning of this Service
      • Contact users
      • Manage this Service including but not limited to trouble shooting
      • Make statistical documents
  • If this Company acquires other businesses by merging, separation, handover of business, etc. and has acquired Personal Information, this Company will use this information within the necessary scope in order to fulfill purposes of use to which the Principal consented before the acquisition, or purposes of use that have been reported or announced.
  • Personal Information may be acquired or used without prior consent outside of the scope of purposes of use stated above for legal reasons, the protection of a person's life, safety or property, or to cooperate with a national government organization.

3.Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

This Company will not provide Personal Information to a third party except in the following cases. This Company will never disclose Users' Personal Information to advertisers.
  • If prior consent has been received from the Principal.
  • Provision to business contractors, business partners, etc. with appropriate supervision from this Company to fulfill a purpose of use.
  • If the Personal Information has been acquired for the purpose of provision to a third party and the Principal is notified of the purpose, items of data provided, means of provision and contact information for cessation requests, or this information is made easily available.
  • If the Personal Information is required for the protection of a person's life, safety or property and it is difficult to receive the consent of the Principal.
  • If provision of the Personal Information is requested according to a law or regulation by a judicial branch or government organization.
  • If providing Personal Information in the event that this Company merges, separates or transfers its business.

4.Inquiries and Procedures Relating to Disclosure etc. of Personal Information to the Principal

  • Please contact through “Contact” in the event that the Principal or an agent for the Principal wishes to view, change or cease use of Personal Information.
  • Persons making inquiries may be asked to confirm that they are the Principal or a legitimate agent of the Principal. We ask for your cooperation in these cases.
  • Please be aware that requests may not be granted in cases in the following categories.
    • If the requester cannot confirm that they are the Principal or a legitimate agent of the Principal.
    • If a request is made to disclose, amend, add, delete or cease use of Personal Information data other than that held by this Company (*1).
    • If there is a risk that disclosure of Personal Information data held by this Company will endanger the life, property, safety or other rights and interests of the Principal or a third party.
    • If there is a risk that disclosure of Personal Information data held by this Company will significantly impede adequate operation of this Company's business.
    • If disclosure of Personal Information data held by this Company will violate other laws or regulations.
    • In the case of a request for amendment of or addition to Personal Information data held by this Company, if an amendment is not necessary for the purposes of use or if the requested amendment or addition is not factually true.
    • In the case of a request for deletion or cessation of use of Personal Information data held by this Company (hereinafter "Cessation of Use, etc."), if there is not deemed to be a violation of this Company's procedures (usage or acquisition outside the purposes of uses or provision to a third party for reasons other than those stated in 3. (1)-(6).
    • In the case of a request for Cessation of Use, etc. of Personal Information data held by this Company, if Cessation of Use, etc. is difficult and the rights and interests of the Principal can be protected by alternative means.
  • Procedures Relating to IDs and Passwords Issued by a Party Other than This Company
    This Service may use IDs or passwords issued by a party other than this Company. The registered content of these IDs and passwords is not managed by this Company. Please contact the issuer for inquiries.

5.Requests to Users

  • About SSL
    Encryption technologies using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to prevent information theft etc. by a third party during communication when Users provide highly confidential information such as Personal Information via this Service and/or this Website.
    It may not be possible to use these technologies depending on the User's computer environment. In this case, please be aware that the User may not use this Service.
  • Use of Cookies and Web Beacons
    This Service and/or this Website may use cookies (*2) or Web beacons (*3) for the following purposes.
    • To identify the User's browser or the User and reduce the work required for authentication.
    • To assess usage of the website and email news and make improvements.
    • To customize website displays for each User.
    • To make advance assessments of the User's use of services on which Personal Information will be registered and make improvements.
  • It may not be possible to use some of the features provided by this Service and/or this Website if the User's browser is set not to receive cookies or is set not to display images while the User uses this Service and/or this Website.
  • Use of Cookies and Web Beacons by Third Parties
    Cookies and Web beacons in the User's browser may be used by third parties, including advertisers, to distribute advertisements optimized for each User. Users can set their browser not to receive cookies. Refer to the help of your browser for details.
  • Use of Log Information
    Information such as the User's access frequency, error logs, etc. may be acquired while the User uses this Website or this Service. This information is used to assess the User's use of this Service and/or this Website, to provide the User with better information and to improve this Service.
  • Use of Google Analytics
    To assess the usage situation of this Service, Google Analytics may be used to gather information on the number of times of access and error logs. Personally identifying information is not gathered when using Google Analytics. The data collected by using Google Analytics is managed according to Google's privacy policy. Check the Google Analytics homepage for information on the terms of service and privacy policy of Google Analytics. Google Analytics Terms of Service
    Google's Policy and Principles
    This Company does not accept responsibility for any damages caused by use of the Google Analytics service.
  • Management of IDs and Passwords
    This service may identify individuals using an ID and password held by the User for an Internet service specified by this Company. We therefore request that Users take active measures to protect Personal Information by strictly managing IDs and passwords so that they are not learned by other parties, using a password that cannot be easily guessed by another party, such as a combination of letters and numbers, and changing the password frequently.
  • Links to Websites Other than This Website
    Links to the websites of companies related to this Company or third party companies (hereinafter "Websites Managed by Third Parties") are placed in some areas of the IQUISPIN website to improve convenience for the User. Accessing these links may take the Customer away from this Company's Website. Although the Vecnos or IQUISPIN logo may be displayed on some parts of the Websites Managed by Third Parties, this Company is not involved in the content posted on the Website Managed by a Third Party and does not accept responsibility for the website's handling of Personal Information.
    Websites Managed by Third Parties may issue cookies, gather data or gather Personal Information according to their own policies. This Policy does not apply to the handling of information on other, linked websites. Therefore, in the event that a Customer accesses a Website Managed by a Third Party, this Company recommends that the Customer read the policies of the Website Managed by a Third Party relating to protection of Personal Information before providing Personal Information.
  • Requests to Children or certain Protected Customers
    Protected Customers shall mean children under certain years of age or other persons if applicable laws require parent’s or guardian’s consent for their provision of Personal Information to this Company, including but not limited to children under 13 years of age in the U.S. or under 16 years of age in the EEA and Switzerland. This Service cannot be used by Protected Customers.
    If it becomes known to this Company that a Protected Customer has used this Service, the account of such Protected Customer will be deleted immediately.


This Company may amend this Policy in response to changes to or improvements of the purposes of use, improvements to safety, or amendments of related laws, regulations and rules. We recommend that Customers regularly check this on this Company's Website, etc.
Contact Center for Inquiries Relating to Personal Information/Contact Information for Complaints
Complaints and other inquiries from Customers relating to the handling of Personal Information refer to “Contact” in

(*1) Refers to personal data held by this Company for over 6 months with the right to disclose, amend, cease use, etc.
(*2) Refers to identifying information that is sent from a Web server when a browser accesses a website, and sent from the browser to the server when the website is accessed again later.
(*3) Refers to small image files included in the pages of websites that are used to record access to the page.

Established and enforced August 2020